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August 1, 2012
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Day Off

It was not often that the Fire Ferrets took a day off from practice.  Sure, things came up, especially for Korra, but that did not stop Bolin and Mako from practicing on their own.  Mako was at work; he had said something about an extra shift.  Bolin had not really been listening at the time.  What he did know was that his brother expected the two of them to train without him.  Under normal circumstances Bolin would have done just that, but Korra was not a normal circumstance.  Mako wouldn't have to know that they slacked off.  One day wouldn't really make a difference.  He hadn't really told Korra about his plans for the day, but something told him she wouldn't have a problem.
It was not long before his teammate arrived.  She strolled into the gym and glanced around before speaking.
"Hey, Bo.  Where's Mako?"
"He's doing some extra work down at the plant.  I was thinking we could… do an activity?"
She gave him a strange smile.
"Do an activity?"
"Well…you know…day off and all that."
Bolin kicked himself internally.  He was normally so smooth, and now he was asking Korra to "do an activity." Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Korra laughed, almost giggled.  
"I'd love to.  You sure Team Captain will be okay with it?"
"Team Captain doesn't have to know." Bolin whispered with confidentiality.
Korra's face lit up with a mischievous smile.
"Lead the way then, sir." She spoke with a fake high-class accent.
"Right this way, madam."
Feeling daring, Bolin linked his arm around Korra's, and the two walked out of the gym.
They walked aimlessly around the city for a bit, eventually ending up in Republic City Park.  Korra seemed to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that she had not yet been assaulted by journalists.  Their arms were no longer linked, but Bolin was content to just walk amiably by her side.  They walked down a stone path as Korra looked at the scenery, and Bolin looked at Korra.  They came to a stop at a small pond.  Bolin fished something out of his pocket while Korra watched with a questioning look on her face.
"What exactly are you doing?"
Instead of responding he held up a stale piece of bread with a triumphant look on his face.  Korra's confusion deepened.  He knelt down, and she squatted next to him.
"Are we…gonna eat that?" Her voice was full of trepidation.
Bolin chuckled.
"We're not eating it.  They are."
He tore off a chunk of the bread and threw it into the pond before she could question him further.  It was not long before one and then two and three turtle ducklings were milling around in the water in front of them waiting for more food.  A wide grin split Korra's face as she stared at the small creatures.
"Do you wanna try?" Bolin held out another piece of the bread to her.
"Would I?" She roared, pushing him to the side.
Bolin picked himself up and went back to sitting.  He brushed the dirt off the side of his shirt.  Smiling, he shook his head.  Who knew that the Avatar would get worked up over a few turtle ducklings?  He had known in a way.  He wanted to take her here because he knew that her reaction would be worth it.  All he wanted to do was show her new things and learn new things about her.  The expression on her face was gentler than he had ever seen her wearing before.  She stroked the downy head of one of the ducklings.  He had always heard that the Avatar was good with animals, now he was seeing it for himself.  He could not help admiration from edging into his gaze.  She looked up, surprised for a moment at his expression.  A small blush lit her cheeks before she graced him with a crooked smile.
The two talked about different things, big and small, while they threw the rest of the bread into the water of the pond.  Bolin realized with a start that the sun was dipping low in the sky.  He jumped.
"Mako's gonna kill me if I'm not home before him."
Korra hummed out a small laugh.
"Seeing as I live on an island I won't ask you to walk me home.  This time." She added the second part after some thought.
Bolin's heart soared.  This time.  That meant that there would be more outings like this.  More outings filled with comfort, fun, and feelings that were becoming deeper and deeper for him.  He really did have to get back home, but he did not move until the sun was gone.  Korra shivered.  
"I guess that's our cue." She sounded more timid than he had ever heard her before.
"I guess so."
So I was going to do Tokka week, but none of the prompts really grabbed me. Luckily another OTP was having a thingy, so here I am! It's technically the 2nd right now, but it's yesterday somewhere. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually finish this.

Tumblr: [link]

Day 1- Day Off: Here!
Day 2- Prank: [link]
Day 3- Masquerade: [link]
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UltimateTophFanatic Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
lol when I scrolled down my cursor was on the s in strolling so I thought you wrote "She trolled into the gym.."
Oh man. That would have been so much better.
UltimateTophFanatic Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
(I love it! I feel fuzzy and I hate you for it. The show really needs to take a turn like this. It's gotten super serious and a day off would be perfect. Just like this.)
You're the best. Thanks!
Let's hope I can finish the week.
SkysongMA Aug 2, 2012  Student Writer
Bolin would so totally steal a line from Sokka. :)
UltimateTophFanatic Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
ikr lol xD
I figured it would be fitting. :D
"Hey, Bo. Where's Mako?"
"He's doing some extra work down at the plant. I was thinking we could… do an activity?"

Bolin, saying it like that leaves way too much room for misinterpretation. *Mischievous smile*

Very cute story.
That it does, that it does.
That's our Bo!

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the fave as well.
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